A Light for the Bedroom

I'll be honest, sometimes I make mistakes in my DIY adventures. I have no design training or special skills, I just know what I like and I'm trying to learn as I go. This light fixture is my most recent misstep. It worked out in the end, but here's what happened and how you can avoid my mistake. 
mini chandelier updated with spray paint
The rug for the dining room arrived a couple of weeks ago and I've been anxious to add some finishing touches, including a light over the table. My idea was to find a dated brass chandelier a la 1995, spray paint it black and add vanity bulbs. I found a light at Re-Store (for only $25, holla!) that I thought was perfect. But, when I got it home, I discovered it was too small for the space. "Shoot." I thought, "is there a ratio or something that designers use?" A quick Pinterest search answered my question. Yep! There sure is! Drat! I should have looked that up before I went shopping for a light! Lesson learned! 
Here is how to determine the right size chandelier for over your dining table.
1. Measure the width and length of the dining room and add them together.
2. Take the combined number and swap feet for inches. That's the diameter you want your chandelier to be. 
For example: Our dining room length is 12' and the width is 22' so the ideal chandelier would be about 34" wide, twice the width of the fixture I purchased. 

So, the fixture I bought wasn't going to work for over the dining table, but I thought it might look nice in our bedroom so I went ahead with my plans. Luckily, it turned out great! Plus, Jesse taught me how to wire the light (yay, new skill!) so I can do the next one myself. 
mini chandelier updated with spray paint
mini chandelier updated with spray paint

mini chandelier updated with spray paintAdding a mini-chandelier to the bedroom wasn't a project I was planning on, but I would call it a "happy accident." Do you have any DIY lemons that you turned into lemonade?

Oh, and here's a before picture of the light. Please forgive the terrible photo, I was in a rush and didn't realize my camera was on the wrong setting.
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