Only Boring People Are Bored - Free Printable

When I was little, my mom used to say, "Only Boring People are Bored." That must be an old phrase, because I nearly fell out of my chair when Betty Draper said it on Mad Men! Recently, our three year old has started to use the words "bored" and "boring." I have no idea where he learned them, but it wasn't from us. At the risk of sounding pretentious, we don't believe in being bored. We believe in making the most of life; exploring, traveling, learning, creating and doing.
We aren't stoic, fun-hating worker bees; we like to relax and watch a movie or sit by the pool as much as anyone else, but we believe in making the most of our precious time together. We don't have "do nothing days" or "pajama days." If that's your thing, that's cool. I'm not judging, everyone is free to do what makes them happy (for the most part). But while you are doing what makes you happy, we'll be doing what makes us happy; planting a garden, visiting the zoo or pretending we are knights and dragons in the backyard. OK, just a sec while I climb down off my soap box!

So, I made this little print to hang on the wall in our home office as sort of a family motto. If you'd like a copy, you can download it here for free.  I'm curious, do your kiddos every say they are "bored?" What do you tell them?

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How to Make Simple Modern String Art

BTW - I don't think I like the word "slaw." That was the last email I sent from work today. Um, yeah, I was definitely feeling squirrel-y and ready for the weekend to start! So, it's Friday evening (yay!) and I'm excited to be sharing the details of this string art project I've been working on. It was super easy, but it took me all week to complete because of a sweet little boy I want to snuggle, a career I love, sleep I need and all that stuff that gets in the way of crafting. Can I get a virtual high five for finishing this project and taking a somewhat decent photo of the end result?! Thanks. I needed that.

To make this modern-ish string art, I started with an old wall decor piece that I bought years ago. I had it stashed in our basement and came this close to tossing it several times but I'm so glad I didn't! With a few coats of leftover white paint, it became the perfect canvas for this project.
Modern String Art Tutorial

Square piece of wood - I used an old wall decor piece made of wood
White paint - I used an off the shelf bright white gloss leftover from another project
Poster board
Straight edge
Utility knife
Measuring tape
Tape - I used painter's tape
Small finishing nails - I purchased a $1 size box and had lots leftover
String - Found in the same section as the yarn - I barely made a dent in a $4 roll

After I painted the panel white, I made a template for the string art house and heart using black poster board and chalk. Then I used a utility knife pressed against a straight edge to cut out the house and plain 'ole scissors to cut out the heart.
Modern String Art Tutorial
Modern String Art Tutorial

Modern String Art Tutorial

Modern String Art Tutorial
Once it was cut out, I used a measuring tape to find the center of the panel and then secured the template place using doubled over painter's tape. This kept the template from wiggling around when I hammered in the nails.
Modern String Art Tutorial

Modern String Art Tutorial

Modern String Art Tutorial
After the house and heart were outlined with nails I removed the poster board and went to town with some black string. These pictures are awful, but it was ten o'clock at night in our kitchen and whaddya do? I wanted to include these photos to show how you have to make a loop around each nail.
Modern String Art TutorialModern String Art TutorialThe string part is simple; tie a knot around one nail and then go back and forth from the house to the heart creating different angles and looping the string around the nails until you've gone around the entire thing. Easy peasy.
Modern String Art Tutorial

Modern String Art Tutorial

There you have it! A fun little art piece that cost less than five bucks! It was so simple to make, I wish I'd tried it sooner. I think I could have done this start to finish during a Saturday nap time. I also think it would be fun to make these as gifts because you could make so many different shapes, words, colors, etc. Have you tried making string art? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!