Toddler Bedroom Makeover

When Jesse and I learned we were expecting, I immediately started daydreaming of a perfect nursery for our baby. I pictured something like us - an eclectic blend of creative, cozy, modern & vintage-y. Back then, I was in retail management and teaching yoga on the side. Jesse was working 70+ hours a week and traveling a lot. Time flew by, and we just didn't have a chance to create our perfect nursery. Now, three years later, we are so blessed to both have new jobs and schedules that work better for our lifestyle. 
Last fall, I started a serious effort to revamp our 1950's ranch. I've been working my way from one end of the house to the other painting, sewing, crafting and commissioning work from Jesse. When I finally reached B's room a few weeks ago, I had so many ideas accumulated that I wasn't quite sure what direction to take! I thought a fresh coat of paint and maybe some book shelves would be a good starting point. Easy weekend project. Right?! But...when I started prepping the room for paint I noticed something was amiss. The paint around one window was peeling and there was a musty smell. Thinking it was just a little water damage (maybe the seal around the window was leaking?), I peeled a piece of the paint back and...YUCK! Half a dozen little white-ish bugs came running out! I called Jesse over to take a look and unfortunately, we determined the little bugs were termites. Several days later we were termite free, (thanks to a fantastic local exterminator) but we also had an entirely new wall on one side of B's room. Good thing Jesse is so handy, otherwise our repair costs would have been much higher! 
With the termites slayed and repairs finished, I set to work creating the nursery I'd always dreamed of for B. 

The polkadot wall was a fun project, but I'm not sure. I think it might be a tad too much. The large "B" initial is from a twice yearly flea market. I can't wait to go back in October, I have so many things on my list! For the tool silhouettes, I cut shapes out of white craft paper and glued them to navy, then put them in cheapy 8.5 x 11 plastic frames.

My mom found this mod slipper chair at an estate sale and I recovered it in gray fabric. Side note: The saga of recovering this chair could be an entire blog in itself! I made inexpensive faux roman shades for the windows and then a little toss pillow from left over navy blue canvas. Conveniently, I already had the iron on "HELLO" letters from a t-shirt making project. I also made the orange pouf ottoman.

That's all I have to share for now. I still need to refinish the vintage school chair and I also have plans for a Jenny Lind style bed I picked up at the salvage yard. Once I get that finished, there'll be more pics. What do you think so far? 

Feelin inspired?! Here's the Budget Breakdown and Resources:
Wall and trim paint - 80
Blue paint is "Freshwater Blue" from Olympic @ Lowe's
vintage bookshelf - 24
fabric for mod slipper chair - 20
gray rug (Overstock.com) - 52
spray paint for lamp - 12
flea market "B" and tools - 60
pouf ottoman project - 65
this project would have been lower cost, but first one I made was too big and the wrong color
Faux Roman shades - 32
Vintage school desk and Paint - 30
Vintage school chair and refinishing supplies - 60
Jenny Lind style bed (not pictured) - 35

Project Total (so far) = 470

A few things aren't listed because we already owned them before the project, I figure they don't count towards the makeover budget. If you're curious about something, give me a shout!

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