Deck Demo & Re-construction

It was bad, folks. Really bad. When we purchased our house four years ago, we knew it needed a new deck "fairly soon." Fast forward through a couple major life events and suddenly we were living with a deck that was downright embarrassing and even dangerous. 
I've avoided this post for a few weeks because, the "before" pics are so embarrassing. But, I do think you need to see the "before" to fully appreciate the "after."

There was an outdoor rug duct taped to the deck. I don't really want to explain how we go to that point, but basically, it involved our Jesse's crazy Great Dane and us being away on vacation while a friend house-sat.

For months leading up to the construction, Jesse and I went back and forth on what size the new deck should be. Jesse was finally able to convince me that the fastest and easiest route would be to re-build the deck to it's original (gigantic) size and shape over the old steel columns. The huge size did up the materials cost, but since we did the work ourselves, we were still within budget.

Ta-da! The best spot in town for happy hour!
I still can't believe this huge, beautiful space is ours, I am one lucky girl! I love to sit outside with a glass of wine and watch B play in the afternoons, it's heaven! 
Next on the to-do list - staining and preparing the deck for winter

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