Vintage School Desk Revamp

These days, nothing is safe from the threat of me spray painting it. Let's count up this summer's victims projects; two tension rod lamps, two picture frames, two kitchen bar stools a five piece patio set and now this desk. Yikes! Jesse and I keep joking that hopefully the weather will cool off soon and "Spray Paint Season" will be over. My latest revamp is this nifty kids desk that my mom found at a rural flea market. She is THE BEST Vintage Scout EVER!
Vintage School Desk Before

Vintage school desk revamped with spray paint
Yesterday, Jesse removed the desk top and I painted over the institutional blue with a semi-gloss white. The transformation is nothing ground breaking, but I think it looks more crisp.
Thanks, Mom, for the awesome find! (PS - I still owe you 20 bucks.)

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