How to Whitewash a Barn Door

Remember the barn style sliding door Jesse made and hung a few weeks ago? I was trying to decide if I wanted to paint or stain the door when a friend suggested I try white-washing it. After five minutes of google searching "how to make whitewash," I settled on a recipe that called for two parts white latex paint and one part water. Just paint and water? No problem! I had left over paint! Free is the best kind of project! Our weekend was pretty much booked with plans so I woke up really early on Saturday to start the door. 

First, I emptied and cleaned a coffee can to use for mixing the whitewash. I just eyeballed the mixture by pouring in paint and then adding half the amount of water.

During my quick research, I read that whitewash should be applied and then some should be removed with a soft cloth. I tried a cut up t-shirt first, but that left a gray lint in the paint so I switched to a cloth diaper and that worked perfectly.

I also read that the whitewash dries quickly and was advised to work in sections. After the first coat, I realized that wasn't the case for my latex and water mix. For the second and third coats I whitewashed the entire door, let it dry for about five minutes and then wiped it with the cloth.After the wash had dried completely, I used sandpaper to rough up the door and give it a more worn in look.

Then I came back and dry brushed a little more on the spots that were too dark.

Ta-da! Can you believe that cool door cost less than fifty bucks!? Still lots to do in the dining area, but it feels really good to cross something off the list.

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