Easy DIY: Custom Poster Frame

Happy Saturday! As promised, here's a tutorial on how to make your own Ferm Living inspired poster frame!
 For this poster frame project, you'll need four quarter inch thick strips of wood that are the length of your poster plus an inch. Sand the wood pieces to remove any bumps or slivers and then wipe off the dust with a damp cloth.
Spray both sides of the wood pieces with paint plus primer of your choice. Black looks good for this botanical print, but I think it would be fun to hang a black and white image with neon painted strips!

Carefully place the print image side down and sandwich it between the wood strips. Use clamps to secure the poster and strips in place. Drill six pilot holes for 3/8th inch wood screws.
Make sure to have your assistant double check the measurements.
Add the wood screws and picture frame mounting bracket. Repeat steps minus picture frame bracket on the bottom edge of the frame. That's it!
 I LOVE how simple and clean this looks! I'm a little nervous that it will get bumped off the wall, but It's been up for a week and we haven't had any problems. So far, so good! What's your favorite way to display prints and posters?
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  1. Ooooo I like this!! I made one last year, but it got torn when we moved {sadness} so I'll had to make another. I really like the look of it being pressed between the wood strips so I may have to try this method.
    _ Lora @ Craftivity Designs

    1. Hi, Lora! I think I like your version BETTER, no power drill required! So sad the print got ripped, I hope you come across another one :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. So happy to find this. A must try frame for our posters! Two more days and I’ll be sending our posters to SLB printing . Still finalizing the layout and designs. Can’t wait for the final output.