Black Linen Closet + Dog Nook

I love it when friends ask what I'm working on, but I have to admit that I felt a bit hesitant when my answer was, "Oh, I'm painting my linen closet black (like ya do)..." Sometimes I feel confident that an idea will turn out looking like it does in my head, but a lot of the time I'm pretty doubtful! Fortunately, I like how this turned out and didn't have to spend the remainder of the weekend feverishly trying to cover the black paint!
black painted linen closet with dog bed nook
We usually have a laundry hamper in the bottom of the closet and when it 's not there Roxy loves to curl up and make a little nest. I was looking for ways to keep the dog beds out of traffic areas, so I decided that once the closet was painted, I'd make a posh little nook that she wouldn't have to share with Juno, our Great Dane. 
black painted linen closet with dog bed nook
The dog bed is a secondhand wool blanket wrapped around a standard size bed pillow; inexpensive and easy to wash! I snagged the crewel work poppies from a thrift store a few weeks ago and asked Jesse to cut a piece of wood the same size. I stapled the crewel work around it, upholstery style, and hung it on the wall. Yes, my dog has wall decor hanging in her nook, she might be a smidge spoiled!
black painted linen closet with dog bed nookYou probably know how I feel about before and afters, so here is a gratifying side by side comparison! It's amazing what some paint, elbow grease and accessories can do! I've also learned some photography tricks between then and now, so that helps as well.
hallway before and after, black linen closet

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  1. wow i love that black i think your hallway looks like a new house great job xx

  2. This looks fantastic! And such a unique idea, I love it. The black is perfect and makes everything pop. Great job!

  3. I'd love to see a photo of Roxy in her nook!