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Do you ever have those weeks or months where you feel like you are working on a thousand projects but can't seem to get any of them finished? Frustrating to the max. Things have been a little nuts around here; Jesse started a new job with longer hours and at the same time, things have been getting crazy at my work. I suppose it's no surprise I've only managed to finish one post this month. Boo hoo. First World Problems.
Anyhoo...One of the many projects I'm working on is re-vamping B's room. The color wasn't right from the start. Note - if you feel iffy about a color when you start cutting in the edges, stop! Stop right there and re-evaluate. I wish I had. I finally painted over the weird blue color literally one wall at a time during Saturday naps. I was leaning towards all gray, but the kiddo is completely attached to blue right now, so I went with three light gray walls and one navy blue wall.
Boy's reading nook with rocker and book ledgesPart of the re-vamp includes a little book nook area with knock off Land of Nod Book Ledges. I feel so lucky that Jesse can help me make this type of stuff. Ledges from Land of Nod would have cost about a hundred dollars; Jesse had scrap wood in the shop and I painted them with the same stuff I've been using on the house trim, so ours were free!

Boy's room reading nook with rocker and book ledgesIsn't this bamboo rocker neat? I picked it up an estate sale (for ten bucks!) and painted it navy blue. I love it in an ugly-cool kinda way. The darling teddy bear was Jesse's when he was a little boy.

Boy's reading nook with rocker and book ledgesI can't wait to get the rest of B's room finished. We need to work out paint colors and linens for a Jenny Lind style bed (another Land of Nod Knock off) as well as an overhead light fixture. I found this cool mid-century (?) light at the Re-Store, but I'm not sure what color to paint it.
Oh, and I definitely want to work these bad boys into the room somewhere! They belonged to B's Great-Great Uncle and I think they are silly and fun and would be great in a boy's room.

Here are the resources and cost break down for the book nook:

Bamboo rocker (estate sale) - $10
Paint for rocker (primer and navy blue from Valspar) - $9
Faux sheep skin (Home Goods) - $16
Book Ledges - Free!
Rag rug (Garden Ridge) - $3
Gray paper for re-matting print - $4
Everything else was already owned or re-purposed from around the house.
Total project cost = $42

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  1. I love this!! They look so great underneath the window, too! I can't wait to have kids so that I can do the same thing. For now, I'm using the ledges for photo books! :-) Thanks for sharing at Sunday Soirée! Dawn @ www.730moments.com

  2. So much fabulous going on here! I LOVE both the rocker and the light fixture--great finds! What a sweet little reading corner :)

  3. oh man, I clicked on this from pinterest hoping to see where to buy that awesome chair!! :[ Bummer I can't have one, too. Looks great!

    1. What a nice compliment, April! Thank you :)
      I'm not sure if you are into thrift/garage/estate shopping, but I'm sure there is more of this stuff out there!

  4. Can you tell us about that awesome green lamp? Is it vintage? Did you get the shade yourself as part of a redo? LOVE. IT.

    1. Thanks for your question! I love that lamp, too! I picked it up at a Goodwill a couple of years ago. It didn't have a shade and was a rather bland shade of light brown. I gave it a coat of spray primer, then spray paint and topped it with a new-to-me shade (also a Goodwill find!). I considered painting it red for the book nook, but for some reason the green kinda works for me :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Wow, such a great find! Love the color! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! I absolutely love your work! :)