Getting Organized with a Kitchen Calendar

Recently, our mornings have been a chaotic mess that end with me arriving to work way, way late. Part of our issue is related to living with a preschooler. I mean, he's four, so of course he wants to "just do this one thing first," or find a particular toy for show-and-tell, or splash around with the water while brushing his teeth, resulting in a wet shirt and last minute wardrobe change. Those slow poke distractions are part of the struggle, but I think they'd feel less irritating if I had my sh*t together to begin with. So, I've resolved to start waking up earlier and also to get more organized. I thought it might help to have a designated family calendar and place for writing to-do's and shopping lists, so I put together this kitchen calendar / mini-command center.
kitchen calendar family command centerFor this project, I painted an old cork board and we mounted it beside the fridge with a chalkboard positioned below. B loves the chalkboard, he "writes" notes and grocery lists on it. Earlier today, he was wiping it off and said,"I need to move this chair so I can set my towel on it." Hmm, good idea, kid! During his nap, I sewed a button and piece of ribbon to a cloth napkin and screwed a teacup hook into the chalkboard frame. Voila, a place to set his towel!
kitchen calendar family command center

kitchen calendar family command centerI'm hoping this little command center will help us stay organized and get out the door in a timely fashion. Fingers crossed!

P.S. - Look who snuck up on the sofa while I was taking photos! Sneaky 'ole gal. She's normally very camera shy so I snapped a quick photo before shooing her off.

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