Thrifted Mirror Gallery Wall

The natural lighting in our house is not so great. The main reason is because we have two giant maple trees, one in the backyard and one in the front. I'm not complaining, they are beautiful old trees that keep the house shaded during the summer, and I'm sure a bunch of happy squirrel and bird families live in them, but they also make the house a bit dark. 
thrifted mirror gallery wall
So, last summer, I started looking into ways to add more light and it turns out one trick is to add mirrors. Lots of mirrors. Mirrors everywhere!  Oh, and you read that right. I started this project forever ago, but wasn't happy with the results, so I abandoned it. You'll see why in a minute.
We have a long boring wall across from our picture window so thought it would be a good spot for a bunch of mirrors to hang out and reflect light. Sorry, I like puns. Anyways, I started by gathering some thrift store mirrors and laying them out on the floor to play with the configuration. Juno tried her best to help, as usual!  
thrifted mirror gallery wall
Then I taped and sprayed the mirrors with white semi-gloss paint and primer. Once the paint was dried, we centered and hung them on the wall. Here's what the first attempt looked like. Not enough mirrors. The gallery looked okay in tight or medium photos but in wide shots, it fell flat. To me, anyways. So I abandoned it until I could find and paint another mirror or two. 
mirror gallery wall from thrifted mirrors
A couple months down the road, we relocated a mirror from B's room to the wall, which filled in some of the extra space. There's not a ton of difference between the first and second attempt, but I think adding the plants and accessories to the top of the entertainment unit helped, too. 
mirror gallery wall from thrifted mirrors
mirror gallery wall from thrifted mirrors

The white frames and mirrors definitely reflect a lot of light from the picture window, so I'm pretty happy with it. I'm wondering, do you have lots of windows? Or a dark house? How do you add sunshine?
And, just for funsies, a little mirror selfie. Hey there!

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  1. I love the idea of using mirrors like this, they look great. I think it's great you added the extra one, it does change the overall look a lot, but i'm a mirror fiend so I may be biased, lol....