Betty Draper Inspired Office

I've been hoarding collecting Mid Century Modern furniture since college. I'm always searching for something, so I hit up estate sales and thrift shops during lunch and frequently peruse the Mid Century Modern section on Chairish. Back in college, I was just trying to furnish my place on a budget, and I knew I liked "50's style" furniture. I remember my first awesome find like it was yesterday. *Cue cheesy flash back music*

I spotted a pair of  nearly perfect condition wood frame lounge chairs at the Salvation Army. When I asked a shaggy haired kid behind the counter about the price, he shrugged and said "fifty?" I thought he meant fifty each, but he meant for the pair. Oh, the pure joy! A few years later, after an abandoned attempt at re-finishing the chairs, I sold them to a friend. Oh, the deep regret! Whenever I visit her house, I can feel those chairs staring at me "why did you sell us?!" I'm only slightly kidding, of course, my friend loves the chairs and I'm pretty sure she knows I'd buy them back in a heartbeat. Angel, if you are reading this, don't you dare get rid of those chairs!

When the folks at Chairish contacted me about putting together a Mad Men inspired room using items available on their site, I was literally wearing my favorite Betty Draper inspired outfit. Earlier in the day, I had snapped an Instagram pic and cheekily titled the post "Betty Draper gets a job." Total kismet! So, in a fan-fic type moment, I thought, "What if Betty had a Madison Ave. office? What would her rad lady-boss office look like?"

Mad Men Inspired Feminine Office

I think Betty's office would be chic as hell. Modern yet feminine, with pink sofas, gold accents and art that references her past experiences. I'm not sure if she'd serve hard booze though, she's more of a day wine drinker.

Most of these peices are way out of my price range, but it's fun to play around with different looks just for fun and inspiration. I should note that on Chairish you can make an offer on most pieces, so if you live near the seller, you could probably negotiate on price. I think my favorite thing aside from the sofa set is the ceiling light, and the pair of lamps, I have a thing for lamps. What's your favorite piece?

1. Solid Brass Mid Century Ceiling Light
2. Mid Century Fashion Print
3. "Misty Village" Lithograph by Bogdan Grom (not mid century, but I think it works)
4. George Nelson Sofa and Chair Set
5. Horse Head hooks
6. Walnut and Mahogany Mid Century Desk
7. Mid Century Murano Glass Lamps
8. Set of Georges Briard Glasses with Cady
9.Mid Century Italian Bar Cart

P.S. - This is not a sponsored post, I just dig Mad Men, style boards and Chairish.

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